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Life is one confusing place!  We are bombarded by commercials on TV telling us what to eat, how to clean, what to wear, and that everything can be cured with whatever new pill has hit the market.   New books come out every day about the best diet to shed unwanted pounds, the Paleo diet, the Atkins diet, the Blood Type diet, the Calorie Restriction Diet….We bounce around from pill to diet and most of the time they do little to improve our overall well being, and sometimes they can even be quite harmful to our health.

There needs to be something more, and this is what drove me to try to figure it all out.  My story goes like this: after having a bit of a personal breakdown, I was sent to a psychiatrist who told me that I might have bipolar disorder.   After experimenting with many drugs they decided that what I REALLY had was ADHD.  I went to see another Doctor who again gave me a questionnaire and told me I did in fact have ADHD.  Finally I went to see one last Doctor and she again, gave me pills and told me I would have to take them forever.  I was not happy with this, after all, I have PKD which is a genetic disorder of kidneys and any drug that I take that filters through my kidneys is a danger to my health.  I enrolled in American College of Healthcare Sciences and began to study holistic nutrition.  I read everything I could as well, from Dr. Junger’s book Clean, to the China Study by Colin Cambell, PhD.

I now go without the need for drugs and I have never felt better.  I hope that I can help other people achieve their goals of health and happiness, since after all, isn’t that what we all want?   My philosophy consists of detoxing, which includes removing from the home any toxic cleaning substances, and personal care products.  It involves detoxing the mind with the practice of yoga, meditation, and exercising.  And lastly, and I believe most importantly, detoxing the body by the foods we put into our mouths.  I don’t believe in diets, I believe in nourishing the mind and body so that everything just naturally falls into place.  For some of us this process is long, but the rewards are numerous, energy, a youthful appearance, a clear mind, and good health.  It is learning a whole new way to live your life.

I hope that if you are reading this, you will follow the posts to come where I share how to clean naturally, and how to transform your diet ( and by diet I mean in the general sense of what you eat on a daily basis), sharing quick and easy recipes I have developed through my path of holistic living, and guiding you on your journey to be the best projection of yourself.

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