Healthy Chocolate Crave Smoothie


Got a sweet tooth?  Who doesn’t?  What better way to quench a craving then with this yummy chocolate smoothie, which comes out more like chocolate milk then an actual smoothie.  If using a vitamix, let it run for 5 minutes, and you have a hot steamy cup of hot  cocoa.  Full of protein, potassium and magneseum, it lacks one thing:  Sugar.  But don’t fret, this shake is just as sweet as any Chocolate milk.

Makes 1 serving:

  • 1 cup organic oat milk
  • 15 raw almonds
  • 5 brazil nuts
  • 1 tbls cocoa powder
  • 1 banana, I used a frozen one

Add the milk first, then the nuts, then everything else.  This helps the nuts blend up.  Drink and enjoy!

Cocoa has more antioxidants in it then red wine, boosts mood, and according to, “cocoa may lower LDL cholesterol, reduce the risk of blood clots, increase blood flow to the arteries, lower high blood pressure, boost cognitive performance and provide essential minerals such as calcium and potassium.”


2 thoughts on “Healthy Chocolate Crave Smoothie

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