Crock Pot Vegetable Broth



I go on and on and on about cooking things in broth, and today I made a new giant batch.  I came home from the farmers market and the broth had been cooking all night and day in my crock pot (sorry this picture doesn’t look so wonderful, it was a busy kitchen day and things get a bit messy LOL) and the house smelled AMAZING.  It’s awesome coming home to a good smell.  The reason I make my broth, and not just buy it premade is 1) its expensive and 2) I don’t like how much salt they add into it.  The brand I used to use was Pacific Organics, and 1 cup of broth has 22% of your RDA of sodium.  Here’s a tip when reading labels  anything over 20% is too much, especially when talking about salt.  Remember my post about electrolytes?  Just 1 tsp of table salt is all you need to hit your recommended daily allowance of sodium.   On top of that, making broth allows me to use up any loose ends that would have otherwise been wasted.  All the nutrients from the vegetables you use go into your broth.  After a day of cooking they turn brown and mushy, and tasteless.  That’s because all their flavor has been sucked out into your broth.  The recipe I’m going to share with you is a rough outline for how to make broth, because honestly it changes from week to week.   Lets say I’ve made smoothies with broccoli this week, well I usually buy a whole head of broccoli and cut off the long stem part, I leave about 2-3 inches of stem under the flower to use in my drinks, and the long stem goes into a Ziploc bag in the freezer.  When I use kale, sometimes I strip the middle tough part out and that goes in the freezer too.  (sometimes I just blend the stem in, its full of nutrients)  Have carrots that are about to go bad? or I’ve shaved half a carrot down to top my salad?  Into the freezer!  You get the idea.


Crock Pot Vegetable broth:

  • 1 onion, you don’t have to peel it (the peel gives it a deep rich color), chopped into quarters
  • 5 celery, leaves and all, cut to fit your crock pot
  • 1/2 cup of potato skins  (potato skins have all the nutrients, you can use a whole potato but if you cook it too long it might turn to mush and that won’t be any fun to strain) *Potato broth is a wonderful healing drink*
  • 1 large broccoli stem
  • 5 Kale stems
  • 3 bay leaves
  • 3 carrots, if they’re organic you don’t even have to peel them, just wash them well
  • 3 tbls dried oregano (or 6  tbls fresh)
  • 1 very large bunch of parsley.  I never measure it, I just grab a big handful.  I’d say if I had to fill a measuring cup up, it would be about 1/2 cup squished in there.
  • amino acids (I use about 1-tbls just for the salty flavor, but you can completely omit it)


Take all the veggies, frozen or not, the spices and the amino acids, throw them in a crock pot and cover it with water.  Put the crock pot to low and cook it at least 12 hours.  I usually just let mine go all night and into the next afternoon.   When its done, strain the veggies out in a colander, and put the liquid in  a large glass jar with a lid.  The amount you make depends on the size of your crock pot but I usually fill up two large mason jars.  If you are using plastic containers, wait until the broth has cooled down because the plastic will leach into your broth if you put it in hot.  (Gross, right?)  Throw out the veggies, or put them in your compost heap…or eat them..but they don’t taste very good lol.



4 thoughts on “Crock Pot Vegetable Broth

    • Definitely! I’m so glad I could help. Cooking in broth instead of oil is a definite way to improve your health. Kelp flakes are another alternative to salt. They are a salty sea vegetable that are sodium free. You can find them at health food stores (central market in poulsbo has them). Just sprinkle on food as you would salt to flavor your meals.

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