Autism and Allergies: is there a connection?

Here is an article written specifically for my blog by guest writer, Hans de Rycke:



A while ago I watched a TV program called “Insight” hosted by a lady called Jenny Brocci. As a rule I avoid “the box” when I can, but I felt that in this program they were stepping on my turf. It was about children with ADHD, ADD, Autism, Aspergers, and other brain function related symptoms.  In my days as a therapist I worked with children with these problems, and occasionally we get one or two children who’s parents are at their wits end trying to cope with their offspring’s behavior  and try to get consistent answers from the experts who, it seemed to me from watching this program, know less about it than the parents, and all have different views. This is not helpful! We find this in our healing modality too. Our Kinesiology textbooks are written by MD’s, DC’s, PhD’s and the modality is used by Doctors, Dentists and Chiropractors, and other Doctors don’t believe in it! Is this crazy or what?

The program centered for a while on allergies, but veered off when that wasn’t interesting enough.   And yet, the children with ADHD and/or Autism I tested, suffered from a range of allergies including chlorine (swimming pool and drinking water), potato, onion, Caffeine drinks, (Check out the numbers on diet cola drinks and colored chocolate drops).  Food coloring is known to cause hyper activity and is even implicated in the cause of cancer), and, of course, allergic responses to milk and byproducts like cheese and butter (concentrated milk).
These children could be losing vital vitamins, iron and even zinc because of their allergy to dairy products, wheat, corn, yeast, soy, citrus, eggs, chocolate, peanuts and artificial colors , preservatives, and medicines. In allergic reactions the immune system gets activated, instead of the digestive system, and none of the nutrients can be absorbed, leading to nutrient loss. Allergies to dairy can also lead to leaking gut syndrome causing an iron deficiency The suggestion that the syndrome of autism was similar in psychological terms to that seen in children who had received morphine was put forward by Panksepp in 1978 (1).

Aspergers is another name for autism, and according to a Robert Cade MD, a Florida researcher and his co-workers and colleagues, the cause of autism has been isolated. They have identified a milk protein, casomorphin, as the probable cause of attention deficit disorder and autism. They found Beta-casomorphin-7 in high concentrations in the blood and urine of patients with either schizophrenia or autism. (AUTISM, 1999, 3)
Eighty percent of cow’s milk protein is casein. It has been documented that casein breaks down in the stomach to produce a peptide casomorphine, an opiate. Another researcher observed that casomorphin aggravated the symptoms of autism. (Panksepp, J. Trends in Neuroscience, 1979, 2)  Yet another scientist produced evidence of elevated levels of endorphin-like substances in the cerebro-spinal fluid of people with autism. (Gillberg, C. (1988) Aspects of Autism: Biological Research Gaskell:London, pp. 31-37)  Many parents have their own story to tell, and many of those stories can be found on the net.

Many critical nutrition deficiencies could be the cause of the problem. These could be as varied as deficiency of essential omega 3 fatty acids, antioxidant vitamins like vitamin C, iron and zinc.
Allergic responses can cause a tightening of the muscles of the neck, such as the neck flexors, neck extensors, levator scapulae, sternocleidomastoid and the little rotary muscles of the spine, such as rotatores brevis and longus. This could cause spinal subluxations in the upper region of the cervical spine and interfere with the blood supply to the brain, and the proper function of the corpus callosum. Signals constantly travel between the right and left brain through the corpus callosum and this gives us a complete picture of what is going on in the world.  It is a bit like looking at the world with only one eye. You lose perspective and depth.  General Moshe Dayan lost an eye in a skirmish with the French in the desert and in his autobiography describes the difficulty of seeing with one eye. He could not judge distance and kept tripping over things.

Autism is similar. You need both sides of the brain to function in order to understand jokes.  One side hears the words, and the other side the meaning. If you put these two together you understand the joke.

Frank Painter’s excellent website provides scholarly articles on the benefits of Chiropractics for those displaying symptoms of Aspergers, or Autism.

What really got me going about this ‘Insight’ program was the fact that grossly overweight mothers were saying they tried diets for their children but nothing worked. Are we supposed to believe that? It certainly didn’t look like the mothers persisted in their own diets and I get the feeling that perhaps they didn’t try very hard to cook separately for one of their offspring. It looked more like a take away food 5 times a week family.

I have often watched how we treat our children, and it seems to me that we are more concerned about the environment and the greenhouse effect than the health of our children. At barbecues adults eat salads, steak and chops (and the best cuts, too!) and what do they feed their children? Chicken nuggets and sausages. Cheesy bites, potato chips and ice-cream for desert. Lots of things go into sausages, nuggets, and ice cream  but I am sure you don’t want to know.   We feed them brightly coloured lollies and lollypops at birthday parties. One father of a child with dairy allergies takes his kid out for an ice-cream, just to spoil him. (He really loves the child, you see.) The next minute the kid is like a whirlwind. The change is dramatic and dad says proudly” He’s a real boy”.  Of course the child has behavioral issues at school. I call this hidden child abuse!

Since the early seventies, Kinesiology has been offering practical, successful and effective help for children with the above issues.
Kinesiology’s success in this field relates to the fact that it determines the underlying cause of the problem, not just the symptoms, through a holistic approach. Taking a child off an allergen often is not enough. The allergen could have depleted the immune system, which include the glandular system in the brain, and vitamin and mineral supplements might be indicated. Often, too, the child is totally dehydrated, even after drinking 4 or 5 cans of artificial colored and sugary soft drinks. These types of drinks don’t hydrate; instead they stress the body severely.

What a Kinesiologist would test for includes; Visual inhibition, (can’t see, can’t learn) Auricular energy, (can’t hear, can’t learn) Brain integration. Tracking. (blind spots in eye movement). Testing the client on individual letters of the alphabet and numbers. Temporo-mandibular function (jaw). Cranial reset (hologram). Lazy eights, cross crawl, Cloacal system resets, Hyoid reset, Spinal resets, allergies or intolerances to foods, and nutritional deficiencies, to name but a few.

The drugs Ritalin, Risperdal and Adderall have been in the news a fair bit recently and is now often used to ‘scientifically’ sedate ADD and ADHD, and Autism diagnosed (?) children. (How can this be diagnosed if the medical profession is in disagreement on whether it actually is a disease, a syndrome, symptom, allergy, or whether it actually exist?)  Adverse side effects (another word for allergic reactions) to Ritalin and Adderall include; loss of appetite, dry mouth, dizziness, headaches, insomnia, nausea, nervousness, palpitations of the heart, etc. Common side effects of Risperdal include extrapyramidal effects (sudden, often jerky, involuntary motions of the head, neck, arms, body, or eyes), dizziness, tiredness, fatigue, fever, and nausea. The drugs interferes with the central nervous system, which is the bio-computer that governs every part of the body. Which means every part of the body could be affected by it.  Will you let your child take these chemicals and then ride his bike home from school?

Kinesiologists deal with the cause of problems instead of treating the symptoms. Hiding the symptoms behind a veil of drugs is not scientific, and neither is prescribing drugs for that matter. Health problems are not caused by a lack of drugs in the human system.


    Hans de Rycke is a Kinesiologist, Sports therapist and Structural Alignment Therapist. Now semi-retired, he, together with his wife Carol, who is also a Kinesiologist, run a health retreat in the foothills of the Snowy                     Mountains, in Eastern Victoria, Australia, where they own 5 acres of land in a spectacularly beautiful area. They are non dairy vegetarians, who love the land and gardening, growing their own vegetables and fruit, and where they accommodate and work with clients with a range of diseases, like allergies, cancer, heart disease, weight problems, spinal problems, mental and emotional disorders, diabetes and more. They also advice people on how to overcome their health problems via the net and email.


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