We Interrupt this program



An impromptu post from my phone to bring you my fruit guzzling child and the largest strawberries ever. And his (and my) favorite warm weather treat.

Spring is in the air and that means organic strawberry time! And I do believe these are the largest strawberries I have ever seen 🙂
When buying strawberries (or any berries for that matter) buy organic. The non organic variety have the most pesticides in them.

My sons hands in this picture are stained blue from the first round of snacks. the “candy” as he calls it, or as it’s better known…frozen blueberries, are his favorite treat and he begs at the freezer door until I give him a bowl full. During the summer months freezing fruits and serving them up as ice cream are a perfect way to cool off.

You can freeze anything from peaches to grapes, berries to mangos. Just cut up larger things like pineapple first, and of course peeling things like bananas and mangos, put it in a ziplock bag and enjoy on those hot days!



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