Because of a Slug



Tonight I found a slug on my bok choy.  He was a trooper, my little slug!  For an entire week, he had survived the cold of my  fridge, and he had even  survived the green fresh bag that I used to keep my bok choy crisp.   Imagine my shock when I found him there, between the leaves, oblivious to his surroundings.  He must have thought winter had come early!

Some people might be squeamish seeing a a little slug among their food.  They might throw out the produce, be sick to their stomach.  I have to admit, I did wash my food a little bit more carefully after seeing him!

And then it dawned on me, how lucky I am to find this slug living in my fridge.  What a good reminder that my food is from nature.  No laboratory injected anything into my food.  No chemical company has genetically altered it in any way, and no pesticides have been sprayed around it either.  Neither was it sprayed with wax to make it look pretty for the store.  No, my food came straight from the farmer’s market, from a farm  just 2 hours away.

If I had bought  a GMO (genetically modified organism), or a a plant that was grown  with pesticides, I would have been left to find a DEAD slug on my bok choy, instead of one that had lived for almost a week inside my fridge (inside a plastic  bag)

Think about your food next time you shop.  Please buy organic, avoid GMO’s.  They are awful for your health, having been proven again and again to lead to cancer and other horrible diseases.  Shop at farmer’s markets whenever possible.  The produce might be ugly, you might find a slug, but your body will thank you.

I want to thank that little slug for giving me something to write about tonight, I had a bit of writer’s block today.   You never know where inspiration will occur!


13 thoughts on “Because of a Slug

    • He was on my kitchen floor for a little bit while I cooked so my son could squeal and watch him crawl around instead of driving me crazy. Then he went out into my back yard into my weeds =)

      • wow a dinner guest then! you know, traditionally you are supposed to be the one nagging him for bringing a slug into the house LOL 😀

      • LOL Things in my house work a little differently I guess =) i’ve been trying to get him to touch things like slugs and worms…he’s a bit of a baby when it comes to that stuff. Its okay for me to hold it all so he can look but he WILL NOT touch anything that has no legs.

      • I suppose that’s a good thing, He’ll stay away from the real bad legless ones then won’t he? lol! 😀

        My daughter doesn’t touch stuff that’s in the garden period, I’ve taught her from as young as I remember to respect life and move out of the way whenever there’s an army of ants going somewhere etc. I love nature, there’s always so much to learn 🙂

      • exactly! my neighbors think I’m crazy…they had bees in their wood outside their front door and I was very upset when they wanted to call the exterminator…

  1. Thank you for the trackback to my article, really appreciate that :-). Namasté, Angelique, Spirituition ❤

  2. I want to clear the air about this bee thing… the bees were not killed, spray was put down so they would not come around our house due to me being highly allergic to them.

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