If You Have No Time to Meditate, You Need to Meditate!


With my mother in town I’ve been showing her my meditation practices.  Meditation is hard for her.  She says her mind is always going and she is constantly  distracted.  So we sat down at the lake where I meditate and I described to her different ways in which she can clear her mind.  Of course, I can’t describe things as well as a Buddhist monk.  So I decided to show her videos that have helped me.

These videos are all by the same man, he is an ordained monk who has his own youtube channel and radio show.    The first video is meditation for children, but I find that anyone who is new to meditation can benefit from this practice.  It is very simple, yet it works.  It cuts out all the clutter of our thoughts while giving us something to focus on.  It is much like having a mantra you repeat in your head.

This second video is more advanced but he describes it way better then I ever could.  I really enjoy doing my meditation this way as I can feel myself get very peaceful and centered.  The focus is on the breathing, embracing your thoughts as they come in instead of pushing them aside.

In today’s busy life, meditation is key to clearing our minds and finding a peaceful place within ourselves.  Some people meditate to find enlightenment  to have an out of body experience, to feel one with the universe.  Whatever your reasons, the benefits of meditation are immense   It lowers blood pressure  improves memory, and can lead to a more fulfilling life where you are not ruled by your emotions.  I hope these videos helped, as they did for me, to make meditation more attainable.

taken from: psychologytoday.com

taken from: psychologytoday.com

I will keep posting short articles this week, bear with me as it is hard to get everything done with my mom here.   We have been having a wonderful time though, and I’ve thoroughly enjoyed showing her my cooking techniques and recipes.   Thank you all for understanding!


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