Why You Should Visit a Farmer’s Market

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Yesterday I went to the farmer’s market with my mom and my cousin.  I had the best juice ever.  They always surprise me by what they include in their juices.  This time I had Juice 1, which ingredients included: Wheatgrass, baby bok choy, chard, carrot, apple, mint and basil.   I don’t put baby bok choy or chard in my smoothies ever.  It was surprisingly sweet, I believe from the chard.  My mom got Juice 2, which was wheatgrass, spinach, ginger, apple and lemon.  A more basic juice, the kind I would normally make at home in a smoothie (without the wheatgrass, because I don’t have the machinery to  do that).

Zive Juice always surprises me with their ingredients and its always the first booth I stop at at the farmer’s market.  They use the produce fresh from the local farms and I’m very proud to support everyone in my community.  Especially those growing non-GMO organic food.  They even recognize me now!   Last time I got a juice, they had put artichoke hearts into it.  I tried to make it at home into a smoothie, but using artichoke hearts was just way too much work for me, and I’ll gladly pay Zive Juice to do all that hard work for me instead of doing it myself at home!


Farmer’s markets are a wonderful way to get to know your farmer’s, to get to know where your food comes from, and to see how its being used in local businesses.    Farmer’s markets are popping up EVERYWHERE.  If you can’t grow your own food, this is the best way to get fresh produce.  Remember, by the time a food gets to your plate, it is old (meaning it has lost a ton of nutrients) and usually sprayed with something to make it pretty on the supermarket shelf.

My local market also has grass fed beef and poultry.  I was having a conversation about allergies, and how chicken allergies seem to be springing up everywhere lately.  I noted that it might not be the chicken itself, but the antibiotics and the wheat and corn that the chickens are fed that are making these allergic reactions.    Its also important to remember, that if WE are what WE eat, our food is what THEY eat as well.    So if the crops (corn and wheat) are sprayed with pesticides and made by genetically modifying them, the soil in which they are grown is depleted and they are taking in less nutrients.  Then the cattle/poultry is fed this vapid food, and it itself becomes nutrient deficient.  By the time it gets to us, after being pasteurized and irradiated to make it safe for consumption, it is basically empty calories, although all the saturated fat remains, of course!  So if you choose to eat meat, with all of this information in hand, you have to think that the best place to get your food is from a local farmer where you can talk to them and see for yourself their practices.

Support your local market, go and meet your ranchers and your growers, and experience something new like I did at Zive Juice.  You never know what you’re going to find at a farmer’s market!


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