Crispy Baked Tofu Dippers

Crispy Tofu Dippers

These come out really crunchy with a nice soft center from the tofu.  They are great for kids to replace french fries, but of course they are way more healthy.  Full of pro-biotics that your gut needs, they are also a complete protein!

This is a great way to incorporate tofu into your diet when you don’t like the taste of tofu.  I  would know, because I’m not a big fan of tofu (Crazy, right? A  vegan who doesn’t like tofu?!) and I can eat this by the pound.  I can’t even describe to you how well these turn out, you really do have to try them out.  This is not your boring old tofu recipe!  If you want to, you can even spice up the coating on it.  Get creative!

  • 1 Block of extra firm tofu
  • 2 ener-g eggs (3 tsp ener-g egg replacer powder to 4 tbsp warm water, mixed well)
  • Gluten free, vegan panko bread crumbs

About 2 hours before making this dish, you want to drain the tofu and wrap it up in a towel, any towel will do…I used a clean dish towel.  You want to put a heave pan on top of the tofu to press out any extra liquid.  (I think they make tofu press machines, but I don’t have one.  If they don’t have one, then I should patent that!)  After its been thoroughly pressed, cut it up into 1 inch long strips.

Pre-heat the oven to 350 degrees.  Dip the strips of tofu into the ener-g egg replacer, then dip it into the panko bread crumbs.    Line a cookie sheet with parchment paper and cook the coated tofu strips about 15 minutes or until they are browned and nice and crunchy.

Crispy Tofu Dippers

These are great little dippers, they are wonderful with ketchup, BBQ sauce, or as I served them, with Thai peanut dipping sauce (I use Annies gluten free sauce )  and fresh cilantro.



**I looked up Tofu presses, they already exist.  Oh well! =)


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