A Week with a Sick Child

My son has been sick since Sunday night.  He has a stomach virus, and while today he’s doing much better we’ve been stuck in the house the entire week, so I’m practically out of food…and diapers….and I don’t have much time to write.  I wanted all of my followers to know that even though I might not write, I always update my Facebook and Twitter accounts.  If you’d like to see what I’m posting, please friend me or follow me.

Facebook: Omgirl Bolante

Twitter: @Omgirlsguide

I also wanted to share wonderful online magazine, where I’ve recently been featured http://www.livingurbliss.com/2013/06/featured-blissful-sarah-bolante.html   A wonderful page about living your life fully, focusing on natural health.

Well, I’ve been feeding my son a lot of binding food, bread, rice, bananas, and  pasta , with the occasional home made ice pop for the nutrients.  Lots of water, rice milk, and juice to keep him hydrated.  If your child is sick with a stomach bug, these are all good things to eat.  If you’re child is constipated, or they have gas, try giving them  prunes and raisins, lots of fruit, and of course water.  If your child will drink it, try making them ginger tea for upset tummies.   Its always hard when your child is sick, especially when they’re not eating, but don’t run to the medicine cabinet as food is, of course, the best medicine!

And while I’m keeping this short and sweet, here is a video about the study of GMO’s.  Its an issue I’ve spoken about before, and one everyone should educated themselves on.  Please take a minute to watch the  video.


Please leave me a comment and let me know what you think, I love hearing for you.

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